ULTRASTAR Co-Extruded Reinforcement

ULTRASTARTM co-extruded reinforcements are engineered for lasting durability and deliver the stiffness, strength and stability that matter most in any window investment. By co-extruding virgin vinyl PVC and 55% fiberglass content, the need for metal reinforcing is eliminated and a homogenous lightweight profile is formed.

Dimensional Stability

Profiles made with ULTRASTAR have been tested in extreme temperatures reaching as high as 82°C (180°F) without moving, shrinking or warping, ensuring long-term stability in varying climates and conditions.



The First of its Kind in North America


North Star Windows & Doors is proud to lead the way with the introduction of ULTRASTAR co-extruded reinforcements within our casement and awning sashes. Engineered in Europe, ULTRASTAR boasts the quality, reliability and sustainability that we’ve come to expect of European products. The high-tech formulation of PVC and fiberglass dramatically reduce the potential of heat-induced shrinkage and/or contraction in both light and dark applications.

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