How Our Windows Are Made

We started with a pretty simple vision. When you buy a North Star window, we want it to be the last window you’ll ever buy. We want it to be your window for life.

That means we had to be the best in the business, and that means innovation and craftsmanship. It starts with being in control of our processes – that’s what allows us to innovate. We’re always asking, “How can we be better, smarter, faster and with higher quality?”

And that’s where craftsmanship comes in – and it isn’t about the tools you use. It’s about the pride you take in making the best windows you can make. Pride drives everything we do here. It has helped us become the largest vinyl window company in Ontario. Pride fuels our innovations, and inspires us to push beyond our limits and make products that make a difference in our customers’ lives.

The E-Z Screen is one of our innovations. People sometimes have a hard time removing the screen, so we make one that comes out nice and easy, and then snugs back into place. We make our finger latches bigger so you can open the windows easier. And then there’s the Super Spacer®. It’s the system that separates two pieces of glass so you have less condensation in the winter. And it makes your home quieter, too. We also offer a lifetime warranty. If you ever have any problems, just call us. We want everything about this to be easy.

The North Star quality always shines through.